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jamani duo Debut Album "Timeline"

About a year ago, the jamani duo travelled to North Carolina to record our debut album! We spent 5 days in the studio with our amazing producer and dear friend, Tracy Thornton, and engineer Benjy Johnson.

This album is the culmination of years of playing together and we are so excited for everyone to finally hear it! Timeline will release on Friday, April 16 on CD and all major digital downloading and streaming services.

Timeline spotlights the jamani duo's trademark of cramming as many of our different instruments as possible into a musical performance. Each track features a different combination: steel pan with cajón; flute with marimba; toms with bongos, claves, and conch shell; and more! Every piece of music is radically different from the one before it, but it all still sounds like us.

We hope you will stay tuned for all of the exciting videos, photos, and anecdotes we have to share and, of course, that you will listen to Timeline and share it with your friends and family. This project is unlike any album we've ever heard before. We are so proud of it and we hope you will join in the excitement as we share the music and instruments that fill our lives with joy.

Keep checking and follow us on social media as we begin the journey to release day!


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