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jamani duo

The jamani duo is the musical partnership of Jodi Groenheide (flute and percussion) and Matt Groenheide (percussion).  The jamani duo plays a fun and energetic assortment of music on an impressive collection of instruments from around the world.  Jodi and Matt's unique sound is a combination of innovative classical music, infectiously groovy world music, and melodic popular music.  

Between the two of them, Matt and Jodi play over 50 different musical instruments, including African percussion, flute, marimba, Japanese Taiko drums, timpani, multiple percussion, drumset, kalimba, pandeiro, djembe, bongos, duck calls, zydeco tie, and many more!


One particular focus of the jamani duo is the development of new chamber music for the steel pan.  The Trinidadian steel pan (commonly known as the steel drum) is one of the world's newest and most exciting musical instruments.  Typically found in larger steel bands, the jamani duo is finding great success in adapting this beautiful and captivating instrument to a two-person setting. 

The jamani duo loves performing for any musical circumstance, traditional or non-traditional.  You can find them playing in concerts, recitals, festivals, corporate functions, weddings, schools, street corners, retail stores, and pretty much anywhere!

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