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jamani duo Sidewalk Concerts

Is social distancing leaving you feeling down, lonely, bored, or cooped up?

Introducing jamani duo Sidewalk Concerts!

We're bringing the music to you - at a safe distance! We are booking mini-concerts that are social-distancing-approved. For a suggested donation of $35, we will come to your home, set up on your sidewalk, and play 15 minutes of music. Come out on the front step or open up your window - and tell your neighbours to do the same!

  • Know someone who's in isolation? Send us to them, and we'll bring a little sunshine to their day!

  • Kids cooped up at home? Call it music class and we'll make it educational! We'll introduce them to a few really cool instruments that they may never have seen before.

  • Someone has a birthday, but you can't get together to celebrate? Remember candy-grams? This is like a music-gram! "Happy Birthday" on the steel pan, anyone?

To book a Sidewalk Concert for yourself or somebody else, please contact Jodi:


Plus, check out our jamani hands on! Yard Sessions - we'll bring a hands-on percussion experience to you. Perfect for anyone from young kids to the young-at-heart who wants to have a little fun trying something new! If you'd like, you can book a double session with a Sidewalk Concert and a hands-on experience!


As you're probably aware, the arts have been hit hard by the COVID-19 situation. We watched as every upcoming musical engagement disappeared from our calendars in a matter of days. Musicians everywhere are scrambling to start offering online lessons, live-streamed concerts, etc. While we're certainly thankful to live at a time when the internet does so much to help us stay connected, we're also very aware that there's something special about interacting face-to-face, especially when it comes to music. We hope that these Sidewalk Concerts bring people some much-needed joy in the midst of a difficult time!


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