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Eclectic album features steel pan, flute, and percussion instruments from around the world

MARCH 31, 2021 (LETHBRIDGE, ALBERTA, CANADA) – The jamani duo is bringing their colorful blend of musical styles and instruments to the world with their debut album Timeline, releasing everywhere on April 16, 2021.  Comprised of Canadian musicians Jodi and Matt Groenheide, the jamani duo unifies the sounds of steel pan, flute, and a vast array of percussion instruments from around the world.  The album is produced by world-renowned steel pannist and recording artist Tracy Thornton (Pan Rocks). 


Don’t let the fact that the husband-and-wife musicians are both percussionists fool you; Timeline is a surprisingly melodic album that’s sure to leave a pan or flute melody stuck in your head!  North Carolina Recording Engineer Benjy Johnson (Charlie Hunter, Cory Wong) observes, “It’s one of the most unique projects I have ever done in my 20 years of running this business!!  Each song had a different percussion duo instrument set up.”   Despite the incredible variety of drums, keyboard percussion, steel pans, flute, and more, each track features an undeniably “jamani” sound, characterized by the duo’s invigorating approach to melody and groove. 


“A lot of our duo music actually starts as solo music,” notes percussionist Matt Groenheide.  “Whether it’s on pan, flute, kalimba, or whatever, it tends to start with a melody, a melody that is multi-layered enough to support its own rhythm and harmony – really, a complete piece of music in itself.”  Then they introduce one of their many hand drums and that’s where the fun begins!  “Matt has this wonderful ability to listen to a melody and hear something more – he always has ideas about what instruments or grooves to add to make a piece really stand out.  It’s his imagination that really takes our music to the next level,” says percussionist/flutist Jodi Groenheide. 

A perfect example is “Allegro,” a track which started life as a Baroque-era violin solo.  Jodi deftly performs the melody on the steel pan, infusing the 300-year-old tune with fresh, Caribbean joy.  Matt adds in the surprising depth of the Brazilian pandeiro and the result is a sound that is at once wholly familiar, yet refreshingly original. 


A similar union of melody and groove is at the heart of Timeline’s two tracks by steel pannist/composer Andy Akiho, a writer whose work has come to define the jamani duo’s sound.  Akiho’s pieces pair concert hall-worthy virtuosity with urban rhythmic stylings.  “Momo-Iro (Pink)” draws inspiration from Caribbean grooves while “Aka (Red)” borrows from funk, hip hop, and even drum’n’bass. 


An instrumental album may imply a certain degree of classicism, but make no mistake, Timeline’s uplifting vibes are easy to listen to and approved for windows-down driving around.  “We set out to create an album that really captures the energy and experience of a live jamani duo performance,” Matt reflects.  “I’m so glad we recorded at Earthtones Recording Studio with Tracy and Benjy,” adds Jodi.  “They ensured the album will explode onto your stereo with all the vibrancy and excitement of a great pop album.” 

Timeline releases April 16, 2021 on CD and all major streaming/downloading platforms.  Visit on release day for listening options as well as anecdotes, photos, and an interactive look into the instruments and pieces of the jamani duo’s Timeline. 



For more information, promo requests, or to set up an interview or album review, please contact Matt Groenheide.


Matt Groenheide




Please note: “jamani duo” is intentionally spelled with all lowercase letters.


Photo credit:  Tanya Plonka

Album Artwork & Design:  Taelynn Graham




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