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Matt's Graduate Recital

Matt Groenheide recently performed his Percussion Masters Recital on April 6, 2015 at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg. The program opened with Kirk J. Gay's "The Attack of the Freezing Fog," a monstrously fun and challenging work for solo timpani with constant pedal tuning.

Matt was joined by jamani duo partner Jodi Groenheide for 2 duets, including "Beneath the Canopy" by Philip Parker. This 5-movement work highlighted Jodi's flute playing skills as she played on a collection of 4 different flutes. Matt, not wanting to be outdone, played on one of the largest multiple percussion set-ups of his life, surrounded by 360° of toms, hand drums, blocks, bells, marimba, log drum, sound effects, and more. The jamani duo also performed "Losa," a flamenco-inspired duet for marimba and vibraphone by Emmanuel Séjourné.

The recital featured the world premiere of "Forced Relaxation," for kalimba – an African thumb piano – and steel pan, joined by Trinidadian percussionist Daron Roberts on djembe. "Forced Relaxation" is a fun and playful journey through swing, reggae, and Afro styles with through-composed and improvised sections for each instrument.

Next was a drumset celebration of Police drummer Stewart Copland. The recital concluded with "Just Out of Reach" by Dave Longfellow, the most syncopated piece of music Matt has ever played. This tune for small steel pan ensemble is in 3/4 time, but is so syncopated, it sounds like it's in 4.

Many thanks to Dr. John Wooton for the years of teaching and support.

Thanks also to the following musicians for performing on this recital:

Jodi Groenheide – Flutes & Percussion

Robert Bush – Electric Bass

Andy Gilstrap – Double second steel pans

Lindsey Keay – Guitar steel pans

Vinson McMurtery – Drumset

Daron Roberts – Djembe


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