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Day of Percussion Clinic Resources

Tips, Techniques, and Inspiration:

Instruments You Don't Learn in the Band Room


Instructional materials, videos, and information on pandeiro


Kalimba Magic

The foremost resource for learning and purchasing kalimbas and other thumb pianos

Steel Pan

Check out these amazing steel pan artists!

Tracy Thornton

Rock ‘n’ roll, pop, and island-style originals and covers from one of the world’s foremost pannists

Andy Akiho

Caribbean steel pan meets modern compositional techniques and infectious grooves

Phase II Pan Groove

Trinidad’s legendary Panorama band, led by genius composer Len "Boogsie” Sharpe

Marimba & Vibraphone

Check out these amazing mallet artists!

Ney Rosauro

An amazing performer, composer, and educator who blends Brazilian and classical music into brilliant percussion compositions

Katarzyna Mycka

Internationally renowned marimba virtuoso

Zydeco Tie

Zydeco Play-Wear, Inc.

Home of the South’s most fashionable musical instrument!

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