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School Residencies and Workshops

We offer several different school packages, ranging from a few hours to a full week. Each visit is entirely customizable, and we encourage schools to tailor our visit to best suit their students.  Here are some of the options that we often include:

jamani duo Performance
Our school performances are fun, engaging, and educational. We take the time to talk about the many different instruments and musical styles we play and their unique cultural background. Students are always eager to participate in our Q & A time. For performance samples, click here.

Hands-On World Drumming Workshops
African drumming is our most popular hands-on workshop. We teach basic hand drumming technique, the history and cultural significance of African percussion, and the importance of ensemble interaction (i.e. teamwork). Students leave these clinics with a great sense of accomplishment at having learned a whole piece with multiple sections and layers.  


Other Hands-On Percussion Options

We are happy to incorporate other types of percussion into our visit, especially if other instruments are available at the school.  Orff-style keyboard percussion instruments (xylophones, etc) are available at many schools.  Boomwhackers or bucket drumming are also popular!

Student Performance

With our longer school visits (4-5 days), there can be an opportunity to end the week with a student performance or video recording for students and/or parents.  

Keys 1_0047.JPG

All photos are used by permission.

"Matt and Jodi are not only talented musicians who gave an excellent, enjoyable and educational concert but they are also personable and skilled at working with children to enable them to play percussion instruments and create music in a fun and supportive environment.  The Olds Elementary School students were thrilled to play the tubanos, djembes and caxixi and learned so much about making music together as a community.  I would highly recommend jamani duo both as performers and school clinicians.


Grade K-4 Music Teacher, Olds

For more information about having the jamani duo at your school, please contact Jodi at 403-593-1691 or

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The jamani duo is the musical partnership of Jodi Groenheide (flute and percussion) and Matt Groenheide (percussion).  We play a fun and energetic assortment of music on an impressive collection of instruments from around the world, including Caribbean steel pans, African hand drums, kalimba, keyboard percussion, Peruvian cajon, and much more. Our unique sound is a combination of innovative classical music, melodic popular music, and infectiously groovy world music.

Learn more about Matt, Jodi, and the jamani duo.

A note about instruments and supplies:

Some schools have access to drums and/or other percussion instruments such as xylophones or Boomwhackers.  We often make use of the instruments available at each school.  We are also able to provide a small class set of hand drums (15) and a small supplement of keyboard percussion instruments (6).  If a greater quantity of instruments is needed, please get in touch with us to discuss options.

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