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where in the world is the jamani duo (Part IV)

In the last few months, the jamani duo has had a couple international opportunities.

In November, we travelled down to Burbank, California to be part of another Pan Rocks project with Tracy Thornton - a follow up to last year's "Project LA". This time, we joined forces with prog-rock drum legend Mike Portnoy, guitarist Pete Thorn, and bassist Phillip Bynoe to do a steelpan tribute to Canadian band Rush!

The EP from Pan Rocks Rush was just released! You can download it here.

Plus, check out the music video for YYZ!

This week, we returned from a trip to Hawaii with Global Drums. We performed at the Honololu Festival – the same festival we played in during our very first trip to Hawaii back in 2011! Our first performance let us "show-and-tell" the steel pans to a lot of groups of school kids; then, we played at Waikiki. It's always a highlight to have Tracy Thornton join us for trips like this!


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