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j.a.m.ani duo in Ersekë, Albania

As many of you know, the j.a.m.ani duo has been separated by the Atlantic Ocean for the last four months while Jodi has been at Udhëkryq Bible School in Albania. As a result, we haven’t played many gigs together in the last while – but we did get to play one!

Matt and Jodi spent Christmas together in Spain, Italy, and Albania, and on December 30, the j.a.m.ani duo played at Kisha Ungillorë in Ersekë, Albania.

During Jodi’s time in Albania, she has been pleasantly surprised by several music opportunities. A few highlights include playing solo pan at the Global Leadership Summit in Tirana and working together with Ilo Lulo, a fantastic Albanian flutist. Jodi and Ilo have had several opportunities to

perform together. The first was for Ditë Arti (Art Day), Ekspo-Art dhe Koncert Muzikor (art expo and music concert) – part of a celebration of Albania’s 100 Vjet Pavarësi – 100 Years of Independence. They also have a concert coming up in Korçë in just a few weeks!

To catch up and keep up with Jodi until she's home, check out her blog:


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